June 8, 2024

About this trip

Experience the joy of art and nature with our three-day botanical watercolour painting series. The painting workshop is led by our experienced and qualified art tutor,  Rita Afonso. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to improve your artistic skills and benefit from the positive healing effects of nature. 

And after an incredible half-day watercolour painting workshop, where we skilfully captured the beauty of our botanical subjects, we end the day with a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by Cheryl and Graham.

Secure your spot now to participate in this enriching artistic experience!

*** Limited spaces ***

About Your Art Tutor, Rita Afonso

From Rita’s early years, she has been deeply passionate about the wonders of nature, wildlife depiction, and the enchantment of colours. Born and raised in Silves, Algarve, she pursued a degree in Arts & Multimedia. To quench her thirst for knowledge in the realm of drawing, she embarked on a scientific illustration course, ultimately guiding her towards her true calling: teaching.

Her artistic endeavors are firmly rooted in the representation of nature, an unwavering devotion to detail, a commitment to realism, and an unending curiosity about the myriad forms and beings in the natural world. Over the years, she has cultivated a rich history of conducting illustration workshops and scientific illustration classes in collaboration with wildlife and environmental organizations, as well as art schools and libraries.


Your painting workshops

Saturday: During the initial day of the workshop, our focus will be on capturing the exquisite plant life found in Portugal through a more classical approach. To commence, we will select a particular plant species, using either photographs or live samples for reference. Next, we will create an initial freehand sketch aided by graphite pencils. Lastly, we will infuse vitality into our artwork using watercolours.

Sunday: During the second day of the workshop, we will delve into the fusion of watercolours and fine-line pens while continuing our exploration of botanical illustrations. To enhance the appeal of our illustrations, we will experiment with varying line thickness, and we may opt for a more monochromatic approach with watercolours. For instance, we might use a limited palette like indigo, blue, or ultramarine and then overlay the fine-line pen outlines to create captivating effects.

Monday: As we move on to the third day, we’ll embrace a more spontaneous approach, focusing on botanical watercolours. This time, there’s no need for preliminary sketches. Instead, we’ll rely solely on watercolours, allowing colours to blend, merge, and evolve based on each participant’s creative vision. For added intrigue, we might even incorporate small creatures like birds, bees, or butterflies to enhance the allure of our creations.

What's Included

  • Art Materials - All art equipment is supplied so don’t worry if you’re just starting out. However, if you have favourite brushes, paints or materials then feel free to bring them along.
  • Lunch - Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Tea break + cake - Cake served with tea or coffee.

How to get here

We’ll pick you up at Faro airport at 3pm; if you’ve opted for a different route, we’ll warmly welcome you at the riverside villa from 3pm.

For those arriving by train, disembark at Messines-Alte train station and choose a quick 5-minute taxi ride to reach the villa. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer to avoid an internal flight and instead savour a scenic journey through the countryside.

If you’re flying into Faro airport, you have two options: either take the train to Messines-Alte and select a 5-minute taxi ride to the villa or opt for a 45-minute airport taxi transfer directly to the villa.

Follow the Google map directions for those travelling by car.

June 8, 2024