Figs On The Funcho

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming in the Algarve | Waterfall | Algarve, Portugal

Not too far from Figs on the Funcho is the attractive village of Alte which boasts one of two natural wild swimming pools in the Algarve. Enjoy wild swimming in the Algarve at these cool refreshing pools provide a much-needed welcome from the heat of the day. Park at Fonte Grande and slip into the cool, clear spring waters and enjoy a refreshing wild swimming experience. The water is clean with shallow areas for children to enjoy themselves. The largest waterfall in the Algarve can be found 2km from the village of Alte at Queda Vigario. The water falls 24 metres into an oval pond which is fun to swim in. This is a lovely area to picnic but take your own umbrella as there is not much shade!

If you love the outdoors and enjoy nature you may want to try Stand-up Paddle Boarding on the river Funcho in Portugal, Algarve. Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sports and it is very easy technique to master that is ideal for all ages.

SUP stand up paddle board
Stand up paddle (SUP) lessons/tours on the river

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Paddleboard instructor, Bruno, will outline the essential safety advice and tips and techniques to help you stand up, balance, turn and manoeuvre the board in a calm water environment.

The clean, calm waters of the river Funcho are perfect for a leisurely glide down the river and great for bird watching and fish jumping.

Contact us for more information about paddle boarding on the river Funcho when staying at Figs on the Funcho.