Figs On The Funcho

Self Catering Walking Holiday

self catering villa for walking holidays
A secluded walking holiday spot in a nature reserve

Walking Holiday at Figs on the Funcho

Organising you own small group self catering walking holiday and outdoor activities gives you the freedom and flexibility of creating you own walking schedule as you choose the number of walking days and starting times.  You also have the option to book a private bird spotting tour guide or a qualified walking guide that can identify the flora and fauna of the area to add interest to your walking experience.  

Riverside Location

Figs on the Funcho is a tranquil and peaceful riverside location with wide-open spaces in southern Europe, on the banks of the Funcho river and ideal if you looking to create your own travel bubble and social distance. There are several self-guided walking routes that lead directly from the River House villa making this location perfect for setting up base and exploring the Algarve countryside.

Outdoor seating at The River House
Relax under the mature carob trees when not out exploring the countryside

Self-Catering Villa

Make yourself comfortable at Figs on the Funcho’s River House, a  self-catering villa with 5 spacious double bedrooms and swimming pool. The River House accommodates ten adults, including children and up to four babies in cots. 

The River House has a fully-equipped, modern kitchen. But if cooking doesn’t suit your walking holiday mood; book a cook and have a deliciously 3-course dinner prepared with wine waiting for you to enjoy with your group. Ask Cheryl for the home cooked menu and wine list.

tranquil resting places on the via algarviana walking routePortugal
Discover tranquil resting places on Portugal’s via Algarviana walking route

Self-Guided Walking Routes

There are various interesting independent walking routes to explore that are accessible on foot from the self-catering villa.

via algarviana walking route sign countryside
The via Algarviana stretches across the Algarve from east to west and passes the villa

The GR13 Via Algarviana Hiking Routes

The popular, self-guided walking route, via Algarviana GR13, runs across the Algarve from east to west and consists of 14 sectors. The River House is located between sector 8, the walking route from Messines to the picturesque Portuguese village, Alte and sector 9, the walking route from Messines to the historical town, Silves. The map and description of the route is free to download from the Via Algarviana organisation responsible for maintaining and promoting the walking paths.

PR1 Percurso Pedestre Cultural S.B Messines

Fisherman's Cottage on the river Funcho
The via Algarviana walking path passes the Fisherman’s cottage en-route to St Ana’s church

One of the secondary routes leading off the via Algarviana, PR1 Percurso Pedestre Cultural S.B Messines, can be reached on foot from the villa. The circular walking route is 12,5km and takes about 2 hours to complete. There are several typical Portuguese restaurants to choose as a lunch stop in the village of Messines. 

Rota dos Menores

Evidence of existence from Prehistory to the Middle Ages can be explored on The Rota dos Menores, an Archaeological Circuit of Vilarinha, in Vale Fuzeiros. The 7.5 km circular route can be explored from Figs on the Funcho, increasing the walking route distance to 12 – 15km. 

Other Nearby Rambling Routes

The owners, Cheryl and Graham, are always out and about exploring the hills around Figs on the Funcho and are keen to share their knowledge on shorter walking routes and restaurants discovered in the countryside.

Other walking routes nearby include The Paderne Castle Walk and The Church Walk.

Experienced Walking Guides

The little owl, one of the many birds that have been spotted at the villa. See the link below to view the bird check list. Image Amol Mande, Pexels

We recommend you book a day with a bird spotting guide or a walking guide that can identify the flora and fauna of the area, find tracks and alert you to sounds that you may miss as knowledge of the area can add interest to your walking experience. A variety of birds have been spotted at Figs on the Funcho and you can refer to the latest bird checklist on eBird.

Water Activities To Enjoy On Your Hiking Holiday 

stand up paddle at the walking holiday villa
Stand up Paddle boarding on clear fresh water at the self catering villa

Figs on the Funcho has direct access to the Barragem do Funcho where you can enjoy canoeing or stand-up-paddle boarding (SUP) and experience the countryside from a different perspective. A qualified water sport instructor and equipment can be hired for the day.

Cycling Routes

Most of the walking routes are suitable for cycling and the Algarve Road Cycling Silves No 18 Route is of particular interest to enthusiastic cyclists. Cycles, e-bikes and cycle maps are available for delivery from bike shops on the Algarve.

cycling route countryside
Cycling along the river Funcho surround by pine and cork oak trees

Unique To This Walking Holiday Location

  • Well-marked hiking trails from the villa
  • Long-distance Via Algarviana walking trail
  • Cycling routes
  • Birdwatching from the comfort of your sofa
  • Wonderful country views
  • Winter sun destination

Services and Activities to Compliment Your Walking Holiday Escape

  • Canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP)
  • Birdwatching or walking guide
  • Cook

If you looking for a tranquil riverside location with walking paths, clear night skies, beautiful sunsets and gorgeous country landscape views then book your self catering walking holiday at Figs on the Funcho’s River House