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Retreat Team

Who’s who

Cheryl Smith | UK and Algarve

Cheryl Algarve Cliffs
Cheryl exploring the Algarve cliffs

Passionate about Portugal; holidaying, exploring, good food, joyful living, well-being and mindful connection, especially with regard to a healthy work-life balance.

I love to share my love of healthy, delicious, simple cooking with friends.  I enjoy exploring raw, vegan and vegeteran recipes. I haven’t eaten meat for over a year and I don’t miss it. My knowledge of the locally grown produce enables me to source the best and prepare deliciously creative fresh food for you daily.

Having visited the Algarve for more than 20 years I am keen to share my Algarve experience with you as I love to explore the area, find new beaches, restaurants and activities, visit the traditional villages nearby. And I can spend hours in the local markets, surrounded by the colours and scents of locally grown produce.

Yoga instructors

Lulu from LuluShanti Yoga | Algarve

Lulu finding balance and on deck at The River House

Lulu’s classes are dynamic, challenging and uplifting. She is highly recommended for both experienced yogis and for beginners because of her careful attention to alignment and gentle instruction.

Lulu teaches an empowering, fluid vinyasa yoga class with creative, original sequencing, perfect pacing and clear instructions. The classes leave her students with a feeling of grace and strength.

Ângelo Pinto | Algarve

Ângelo playing the hang on the River House deck

Ângelo Pinto believes in the benefits of opening up your heart during yoga practise and enjoys playing the hang. He studied at universidade Católica in Porto city, where he learned Sound Engineering. His collection of music instruments used during his sound experiences / yoga classes were purchased when visiting Bali, California and India.

Suzy Turner from Yogadocious | Algarve

Suzy taking a moment to be still on The River House deck

After practising yoga for a few years and over-exerting herself, Suzy realised that when practised mindfully, yoga can help all kinds of problems.

“After I turned 40, I wanted to share what I’d learned with the world, so I trained to become a yoga teacher. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t believe that yoga should be about acrobatics or pushing yourself beyond your limits. I believe that if you take it easy, and move the way your body is meant to move, you’ll feel a huge relief from from all those problems caused by sitting for too long.

But it’s not just gentle yoga I’m passionate about, I’m also a big supporter of organic products and yummy recipes to help soothe our bodies, inside and out. I’m a huge believer in the power of positivity and believe that a healthy body begins with a healthy mind.”

*Yoga teachers may differ depending on availability and the needs and requirements of the group