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Retreat Activities

Exploring yoga styles designed to purify, strengthen, tone, align, and calm your body and mind

Warrior pose feeling inspiring, uplifting, re-energising
Inspiring, uplifting, re-energising
yoga pose showing serenity on the riverside
Serenity on the riverside
Nature, space, tranquility on the deck
Nature, space, tranquility

Expect a variety of styles that include/combine:

Hatha – can refer to any type of yoga that involves physical postures. Generally a gentle introduction to basic yoga postures. Designed to align and calm your body and mind, resulting in a feeling of being longer, looser and beautifully relaxed. Good preparation before a meditation session.

Vinyasa – coordinating breath with movement to bring about flow; a smooth transition between one pose and the next. Feels fluid, connected, introduces a sense of ease.

Ashtanga yoga – dynamic and rigorous, synchronising breath and movement to produce internal heat and purify the body. Build core strength and tone body by moving through vinyasas in set sequences. Can get sweaty.

Experiencing a variety of meditations including moon meditations, nidra, chanting and gong sound showers

Look forward to feeling that inner peace we mentioned earlier!

Gong sound meditation is used as a form of sound therapy that has a similar effect on the body and mind as a soothing massage. An ancient vibrational tool used to quieten and nourish the mind, the vibrations can also be used to shift blocks, ease tension, pain and stress, and get energy flowing as it brings your body ‘into tune’. Coral also uses Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and the voice to balance the body’s natural vibrations.

Creating personalised artwork

Mandala colouring and individual art exploration. Discover the healing power of the mandala and tune in to different senses as you express your creativity.

Reviving our spirits by being at one with nature

Retreat activities in Southern Europe | stepping stones on via algarviana portugal
Step into the countryside
Retreat activities in Southern Europe | open fields on the via-algarviana portugal
Enjoy wide open fields
Retreat activities in Southern Europe | tranquil resting places on the via algarviana Portugal
Discover tranquil resting places

Join Cheryl for nature walks in the beautiful natural surroundings, hike a section of the Via Algarviana walking route or take a wander alone to explore the area. Enjoy the sense of still calm serenity in the hills of the Silves countryside and the feeling of being far removed from ‘normal life’.