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Painting Lessons in the Algarve

Animal Painting Lessons

Painting Workshop in Portugal’s Algarve

A series of painting lessons designed to guide you and help you develop your painting skills at a beautiful riverside location with spectacular views of the countryside and river.

“I returned home, from the painting holiday, and I’ve been able to put a lot of energy into creative pursuits. I just finished a 30 day sketch challenge, doing a bird a day in any medium.” – Amy

It is a perfect setting for a painting location as the surrounding countryside and views of the river will make you feel as though you have discovered a secret oasis. You won’t be at a loss when choosing your landscape scenes.

“A great relaxing location with fantastic views.” – Sally

blue flower countryside waterside
Blissful tranquility and a beautiful painting location

Painting Lessons Itinerary

A series of painting lessons over 5 days (18 hours tuition) designed to guide you and help you develop your painting skills at a beautiful riverside location with spectacular views of the countryside and river. The painting tuition is suitable for all painting levels from beginners to advanced.

“We were able to understand all the different painting techniques that were incorporated into this workshop.” – Jenny

art work produced from painting lessons
Learn new painting techniques and approaches – art work from painting lessons

The itinerary is for guidance only and is subject to change depending on the group’s needs and wishes. There are 5 painting workshops:

    1. Natural Inspiration 
    2. When colour runs riot 
    3. En Plein Air Painting Landscape (Full Day with lunch)
    4. Ink and Mixed Media 
    5. Animals in Pastels

1. Sunday Natural Inspiration (Half Day)

A relaxed introduction morning at Figs on the Funcho learning how to use different shapes, textures and form from the nature. Using various drawing techniques and materials including graphite, charcoal and pen where you can ease into your art holiday learning new tips and tricks or a good refresher for the more experienced. Also, a great way to get to know each other and discuss our art interests.

2. Monday When colour runs riot (Half Day)

A day letting vibrant colours and bold imagery inspired from many different sources comes together to create powerful abstract art. This will be a creative day exploring different colour and how it makes us feel. Chance to try out different art materials like watercolour, acrylics or chalk. All that is required is an open mind willing to explore.

3. Tuesday En Plein Air Painting Landscape (Full Day)

En plein air painting is the French expression for “in the open air” and we will be outdoors using the stunning location of Figs on the Funcho as inspiration for creating some plein air landscape painting. Firstly, the morning will be used to work together and discuss how to select your landscape, then compose a painting or drawing while on location.

The morning session will be followed by lunch when we will feast on a lovingly prepared wholesome vegetarian meal under the shade of the mature carob trees.

After lunch, we will continue with the landscapes back at base where we can tune the fine details with guidance to create some impressive works of art. The hardest part of this day will be which view to choose, so maybe bring a camera. Material choice is totally up to you, but maybe try something loose and see where the inspiration leads you.

4. Wednesday Ink and Mixed Media (Half Day)

A session on the joys of using ink in various ways to create interesting art works. A morning of play and experimentation where we will show you how versatile this medium can be, not to mention the possibilities when other mediums are used. For instance, the application of ink from a pen for sketching, to brush work and the introduction of bleach and other unusual things to create unusual effects.

5. Thursday Animals in Pastels (Half Day)

Have you ever tried to draw an animal but felt it wasn’t quite right? For example, have you attempted to draw furry coat but it ended up looking flat? Well this tips and tricks session on all things animal will help you master simple shapes into various species followed by the techniques needed to make fur and feather come alive. From the smallest mouse, to the biggest elephant, anything goes in this session.

This September, Tracy, will show us how to draw the the lynx and use the shading and blending techniques when using pastels. The lynx was a species once considered to be “Critically Endangered” but has moved to a status of “Endangered” as the number of lynxes living in the Portuguese wild has risen to 109, a direct result of the successful lynx programme that is run in the hills near us.

ink pen painting lessons
Ink and mixed media painting lesson

Art Supplies

All art equipment is supplied so don’t worry if you’re just starting out. However, if you have favourite brushes, paints or materials then feel free to bring them along. 

Choice of art supplies available for painting lessons include

  • graphite pencils,
  • chalk pastels,
  • charcoal,
  • watercolour,
  • ink,
  • brusho and
  • acrylic paints
  • A3 paper is the maximum paper size; should you like to work with large canvases, these can be purchased for you at an extra expense.
a blissful tranquil painting location
Enjoy the magical ambience in a painting space of your own

Painting Workshop Dates

“As a returning guest that almost says it all but I would also like to add with the spectacular location, comfortable accommodation, warm welcome, wonderful food and expert tuition /what a fabulous way to spend a week, hopefully will be returning again next year and can thoroughly recommend” – Ann

Painting Lessons with Accommodation

Alternatively, you can opt to join the full Painting Holiday with accommodation and full-board, at Figs on the Funcho. Stay with us in beautiful, comfortable bedrooms, light and airy social areas and a spacious outdoor deck area with terraces offering warm sun, a cool canopy, and natural shade, all with stunning views of the countryside and breathtaking sunsets.

COVID-19 Policy

The event is held outdoors however, additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in place to avoid the spreading of infections.
Figs on the Funcho have been awarded the Portuguese Clean&Safe seal and we work together with our cleaning company and our villa manager to ensure that our rental property’s cleaning protocol meets the “Clean & Safe” protocols by following the new villa rental hygiene guidelines.
In addition to the new holiday rental Clean&Safe guidelines, our art students attending our painting lessons will be asked to adhere to our coronavirus protocols, see details regarding our coronavirus policy 

Contact Details

Book your place by contacting Cheryl on +44 (0)7976 660 526 or +351 (0)912 595 539 or email

Mixed Media Art Holiday

I had a wonderful time at Figs on the Funcho! Our art teacher was a very good teacher, our hosts were friendly, informative, fun and their food was just amazing! As well as the art it was like a retreat! Thank you Cheryl, Graham and all my new friends!! X
- Dorothy Brown


Just spent a wonderful week at Figs on their art retreat. A truly remarkable venue with great food and top hosts. Rooms beautiful as was the setting and the art workshops were a great way to spend the day. Thoroughly recommend and look forward to my next stay
- Jo Ryder

Art course at Figs on the Funcho

Just spent an amazing week at the River House on their residential course. Very well organised and run with a great art teacher who was patient and encouraging . Excellent accommodation and wonderful food provided by Cheryl and her husband Graham. Great company and beautiful location. Can’t praise the week highly enough and hope to return again next year.
- Ann Peake