Figs On The Funcho

Coronavirus Policy

Portugal Algarve clean&safe seal certificate to control the spread of Coronavirus
Clean&Safe seal awarded to Figs on the Funcho

The Portuguese Tourist Board (Turismo de Portugal) created the “Clean & Safe” seal, a certification to identify companies in the sector that comply with the minimum hygiene and careful cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of this virus or other possible infections.

This provides tourism enterprises, tourist entertainment companies and travel agencies with a tool that certifies them as safe establishments according to the recommendations of the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS – General Health Directorate)

Coronavirus Policy: Clean & Safe Seal at Figs on the Funcho

Figs on the Funcho have been awarded the Clean&Safe seal as we work together with our cleaning company and our villa manager to ensure that our rental property’s cleaning protocol meets the “Clean & Safe” protocols by following the new hygiene guidelines as set out for villa rentals.

Painting Workshops

To help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), avoid close contact with anyone you do not live with and wash your hands regularly. In addition to our coronavirus cleaning protocols defined for our rental property our art students attending our painting lessons will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Arrive on location masked.
  • Allow your temperature to be taken with the infra red thermometer and record reading.
  • Use the hand sanitiser on arrival, departure and when ever necessary. Using the sanitiser will also protect the art materials.  
  • Wear masks during the lessons/demos. 
  • Maintain the required social distance during the lessons/demos. The sofas and tables will be distanced accordingly. 
  • Spread out after the lesson and you can remove your mask but please replace the mask if the art tutor approaches you for a one-on- one. We have a very large property with views from all angles so there are plenty of choices.
  • Mask if you get up to walk away from your sitting position.

Art Materials

The wooden art boards will be numbered so that you can keep the same board each day.  These boards will be plastic wrapped so that they can be easily sanitised. All art materials are provided but if you prefer to bring your own, you may. 

Arriving Early

You may arrive 30 minutes prior the workshop i.e. 09h30 so that you can have tea or coffee on the deck and enjoy the ambiance of the location.  


  • Refreshments will be served during the workshop break. If you prefer you can bring your own flask or mug. 
  • Bring you own water bottle so that you can take frequent water sips, although this has not been scientifically proven it is believed that drinking water clears your throat and flushes any germs down to your stomach where the stomach acids will kill the germs.


The cloakroom will be equipped with soap on the pump, disinfected product and tissue paper for drying your hands.

Covid-19 Procedure to Follow for a Suspect or Positive Case

It’s recommended to self check twice daily, record temperature readings and be aware of coughing symptoms or difficulty in breathing.

If there is a suspected or confirmed case:

  • Move the patient to the isolation area. Ensure all doors and windows are open to ensure area is well ventilated.
  • Contact the villa manager or owners for support and guidance.
  • Contact Directorate General for Health on 808 24 24 24. The villa manager to assist those with foreign mobiles.
  • All guests, with or without symptoms, will be treated as potential suspects of infection until all tests are completed.
  • Guests are advised not to leave the villa, as directed by the Directorate General for Health (DGS).