Algarve Ruin Walking Route

algarve ruin without a roof and country shrubs on route
Location. Location. Location. Comes with gorgeous river views.

Several interesting ruins can be found dotted on the Algarve ruin walking route. The first part of this walk takes you through rural scenery that is tranquil and bucolic, followed by a walk along the riverside with beautiful views overlooking the river Funcho.

My friend, Brenda, has been deliberating for years about settling in the Algarve for the quieter life and somewhere close to Figs on the Funcho. Before setting out for our daily walk, during the 2020 lockdown, my husband and I use to jokingly say that we off to find Brenda her idyllic setting; hence the making of this walking route.

Ruin walking trail fact sheet

white algarve ruin with olive tree on the walk
Charming white ruin with rural landscape views.

Distance: 6.65km; Duration 1h22; Elevation: 153m; Difficulty: Easy Going Walking Trail

The well maintained dirt track makes this an undemanding 6.6 kilometre walking route with a maximum elevation gain of 153 meters. An easy amble that will take an hour and a bit to complete.

Start your walking route from the villa, at Figs on the Funcho, by following the dirt track path to the T-junction and turn right. At the next T-junction turn right. Follow the road until you reach another T-junction. After that, turn left and first right at the trash bins. The walk takes you into the hills, through a small group of gum trees and then along the river. You can refer to the walking route that I recorded on the Strava app, a free app with GPS, designed for tracking walking activities.

Charming Algarve ruins on the walking route

yellow algarve country ruin on the walk
Spacious living surrounded by nature’s bounty.

This meander takes us pass three Algarve country ruins, each with their own unique characteristics.  In their heyday, the habitants enjoyed a spacious dwelling with stunning country views across the valley and / or river.  It can be very tempting to consider purchasing one of these charming old Portuguese ruins for renovation. The dreamy thoughts of enjoying the slow life in the countryside can be very motivating, but bear in mind a new life, project, language and foreign country could keep you pretty busy for some time!

Eucalyptus aroma that will tickle your senses

eucalyptus trees lining dirt track
Aromatic eucalyptus trees on walking route

Be sure to slow down when passing through the small clump of evergreen eucalyptus trees so that you can inhale deeply while taking in the eucalyptus aroma – a bouquet of minty, pine scent with a touch of honey. The aromatic smell is stronger after heavy rains and is enough to clear the sinuses.

Eucalyptus trees, also known as gum trees, are not native to Portugal. They are extremely evasive and are a serious fire hazard. The trees grow to a massive height and the oil produced by the trees is highly flammable. Sadly, the 2013 Algarve fires, resulted in many lost lives and many bee-keepers, hunters and farmers lost their livelihoods.

Algarve ruin walking route map

algarve ruin walking route map in the country and along the river
Distance: 6.65km; Duration 1h22; Elevation: 153m; Difficulty: Easy Going Walking Trail. Credit: Strava

Are you a serious hiker?

The River House at Figs on the Funcho is on the self guided walking route, via Algarviana. The 300km walking route is divided into 14 sectors, stretching for east to west across the Algarve. Two sectors of the via Algarviana can be covered whilst staying at Figs on the Funcho, namely sector 8 and sector 9. Sector 8 covers the route from Figs on the Funcho to the picturesque village, Alte. And sector 9 covers the route from Figs on the Funcho to the historical town, Silves. Visit the official Via Algarviana website, for more information on the walking route.

Self catering walking holiday villa

outdoor villa furniture on deck
Outdoor seating area at the self catering walking holiday villa

Nestled in a nature reserve in the hills of Silves; our self catering walking holiday villa offers total privacy and comfortable accommodation. A perfect riverside location for walking tour groups of up to 10 walkers seeking to create their own travel bubble.